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Basic Facial
When you want to introduce facials and skin care into your life but not sure where to start? This facial is for you
Deluxe Facial
Your Deluxe facial offers you a little more in targeting your main skin concern.
Detox & Brighten facials
Skin feeling a little oily & congested?  Maybe a little dull and needing a pick me up We have several facials to suit your needs
The Gentle- Man Facial
There is a stigma around men getting facials and loving their skin & a judging look on men wanting to destress and feel good about themselves BUT KJ is here to end that stigma!

Every man needs a facial in his life but not every man knows this! Here at KJ DermaLab we are HOLLERING to ALL men that it is OK to pamper yourself.

KJ’s Gentle- Man Facial has exactly what you need. We are here to target your main concerns & pamper you without feeling like you are.  Book the gentle man and enjoy your down time. Who knows, you might even have a nap!

The tight bright facial
Skin tightening & lifting
These facials are meant for mature clients with  visible signs of aging, lax skin, fine lines & wrinkles can give instant noticeable results and can also be done in a series of treatments to continue your skin’s improvement.  Whether you have an event to attend or just need some extra skin support we have several options for you to choose from.
Oxygen Rx treatment: Let your skin breathe
Our Oxygen RX kit effectively reduces signs of rosacea & acne and can also work with treatment plans targeting hyperpigmentation such as Melasma.
Chemical Peels
This is the kind of of stuff we get excited for! We have more then enough options with different ranges to target a multitude of skin concerns and We won’t lie, Some peels have little to no down time while others do require you to do some planning for your day to day. (Don’t worry we can help you) – Consultations are necessary for all chemical peel treatments
Say goodbye to your peach fuzz and dead skin cells as we use a surgical steel blade to remove fine hairs, dead skin and fade out superficial hyperpigmentation. You can add this treatment to almost any of our other treatments or get done by itself and still have an instant glow within 30 min!

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